The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

20 July 2012

Bully stick!

After numerous nights of Kaline getting zoomies and subsequently starting barkfests with Juno, Mom finally gave in and let me get him a bully stick. She doesn't even object to the revolting smell—it bothers her immensely that it's a bull penis. Heehee.

Last night, a zoomies session stopped immediately and permanently—2-plus hours—with the introduction of the bully stick. Win. Although today he has loose poops. Hmm.

Kaline did great at training yesterday, again working on heeling (we did five-step halts), sit- and down-stays, and recalls, all around various other dogs. He had a marvelous time playing first with Lucky, our Golden Achiever, then Max, the new beagle.

Today he got to walk with Juno and Wilson in Wilson's lovely neighborhood. At home, he's getting big and clever enough to get up on the couches. One of them he can get to easily because he has a bed to use as a springboard. The other one, he has to clamber up on, which is hilarious to watch. It takes a while, but he's very determined.

On the difficult couch.
On the easy couch.

In other exciting news, we won a super awesome dog tag from the marvelous Jen, guardian of Elka the Doberman. It's been decided that Juno will get the tag, and I'll make it into some kind of SD tag to go on her two-inch wide 2Hounds Designs collar. I'm hoping to take a pretty picture of her in her big vest out in the common area tomorrow, and have that on the front of the tag.

Mom and I took the pups just barely into downtown Menlo Park this evening, and Kaline got to see some of the setup for the Connoisseurs' Market Fair, as well as meet some new people. He was quite a good boy, naturally. One guy just had to take a picture of him, cause he's so cute.

The cuddling has gone to new heights, now that Kaline has thwarted the no dogs on the furniture rule (which wasn't my rule in the first place, so I don't care). I'm absolutely loving it. First real day of obedience class tomorrow, oooh boy!

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  1. Yay, good for Juno! I'm looking forward to seeing her pictures ^^

    On the bully stick front, I prefer to order the "odor free" ones. Regular bully sticks make Elka's face reek, and since she's just so into one's personal space at all times, I do like to avoid that.