The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

01 August 2012


We're having a more lazy day ... not a ton going on. So here's some random stuff.

Kaline's fur on the front of his neck is really thin, like Angel's was. (Juno has a very furry neck.) I'm fairly sure it's not from his prong collar, because it was like that when he hadn't been introduced to it. I think it's mostly from the flat collar, which I'm trying not to put on him except for walks. Nonetheless, he's got a couple little bumps there now and I'm a little concerned.

So today I dug out my old Infinity head collar I got for Juno (she hated it, so we stopped) and tried it on Kaline, just to have a backup/alternative. He got pretty used to it pretty fast. He pawed at it a bit but not obsessively, and had no problem walking with me or doing basic obedience practice with it on. I may try using that on walks now ... but that still doesn't solve the problem of the flat collar, which you kinda have to have on with the head collar as a safety measure. Argh. Vet appointment in about a week and a half, so we'll see how it's going then.

Mom's rule about no dogs on the furniture has now been pretty much demolished. See, when we got Juno, everyone had rule changes they wanted implemented. My changes were: Unless the dog is sick, she gets only dry kibble (Angel got so picky that for the last few years of her life, Mom basically cooked for her and hand-fed her) and no feeding dogs from the table. Mom started feeding Juno from the table within a week. Now she begs like crazy (from Mom, not really from me or Dad). Mom's rule was no dogs on the furniture, which I mostly respected unless I needed Juno on the couch for deep pressure tasks.

Well, Kaline is not into the whole "You may only get on the couch if invited" business. He just jumps up, over and over, no matter how many times you push him off. The thing is, if you let him stay up there, instead of running around the family room making a huge pest of himself, Kaline will just curl up and go to sleep. Mom seems quite willing to trade the couches for extra quiet time.

I never liked keeping dogs off the couches anyway. It's much easier to snuggle them when they're up here!

Operation Peace and Quiet is going fairly well. In total, Juno ended up with about 7 timeouts last night, Kaline 3. And overall we had far less barking. It also helps that Kaline just got a new pressed rawhide bone and is very enthused about it, when he's allowed to chew on it.

We tired him out pretty well with two five-packs this morning (Teddy, Wilson and Gracie, then Jett, Max and Xena). Our stint with Wilson finishes up on Friday, which will kind of be a relief. He and Kaline are not, shall we say, calming influences on each other. Kaline does much better when he's the only newbie in the pack, and the same goes for Wilson. Once Kaline's older I think he'll be a good influence though!

Odd little behavior starting, that I am planning to nip in the bud: Kaline sees other dogs coming when we're out at night, and gives a little rumble. Oh hell no.

And isn't this crazy?
On June 23 ...


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