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06 January 2013

I like fonts

If you actually read this, and you read it on a computer, you may notice a few superficial changes.

I just read a fascinating book on fonts (Just My Type by Simon Garfield, if you're interested). I could no longer allow my blog to have such boring, non-beautiful/creative/fun fonts. Too bad that Bodoni and Didot were both unavailable. And Goudy looked funny.

I now can't go anywhere without looking at signage, menus, what have you, and going, “Hmm, I wonder what that font is!” It's driving me nuts that I don't know what the beautiful font is that they use on The Good Wife.

No, my font obsession is nothing new. I can remember being in elementary school and being obsessed with typing everything in Palatino for a while. And I have actually decided not to read certain YA books because they were printed entirely in a hideous font. Conversely, with favorite books, I'll remember if I especially enjoyed the font (see: Clara: The Early Years [Bodoni] and The Saddle Club series [Goudy]).

If you like Comic Sans, I am totally judging you. That font is a scourge, I tell you.

Your regularly scheduled programming shall return tomorrow morning.

ETA: I fixed the funniness with Goudy. Now all posts shall be in a version of that font, woohoo!

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