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17 October 2012

Not a good life decision ...

I took a Trazodone last night before bed for the first time in quite a while and clearly, it was a very bad idea. I've never had a bad reaction to it before—it's basically the only med I've ever been put on that did (largely) what it was supposed to do without a ton of bad side effects. It's supposed to help me sleep, because I don't sleep properly. I haven't been taking it for a variety of reasons, such as: it knocks me out within about 15 minutes usually, and I like to read for longer than that before turning out the light; and the last time I took it, I slept through my alarm and that was very bad.

Anyway, I was fine last night. Then I woke up this morning far stiffer than usual, incredibly nauseous, dizzy, terrible balance/depth perception. I wanted to throw up so bad, but I couldn't. All we did today were our morning walks; getting through them was a slog, but I did it, kinda. We walked a lot slower than normal, and I was still stumbling over everything. Thankfully, the dogs in both packs behaved incredibly well, including Kaline, and that made everything a lot better.

There was no training yesterday so I took Kaline to Stanford Shopping Center and followed Mom around. He did great at the door buttons, and at settling whenever I stopped moving around. He was pretty good in the dressing room (Mom got me new jeans, woohoo!). He was a bit crafty about it, but you just have to laugh. I left him on a down stay as I peeked out the door to see if Mom was out so we could check each other's outfits. Next time I looked down, Kaline was still in a down, but he'd moved all the way up to the doorway. "Gotta be able to see you, Mom!" It was kinda precious. Kaline is all about the letter, not the spirit, of the law. "Technically, you see, I am still down and always was down, I was just not completely stationary."

While Mom was checking out at Macy's, Kaline saw something—I still have no idea what—that totally freaked him out. He was lying on the floor on high alert, trembling and whining a little; he even did a tiny boof. I let him walk around wherever, trying to see if he'd go investigate whatever was scaring him, but nothing jumped out, not to me at least. We went over to the mannequins which had a weird spotlight on them, and he didn't care about them; same with the checkout desk across the store. Maybe he smelled something weird, or didn't like the piped-in music. The world may never know. 

We went in the Apple Store for a little bit, and Kaline was amazing in there. It is always crowded, but whenever I stopped to look at something Kaline would just fold himself down on the floor, with his head on his paws. Once a guy dropped something metal, and it made a big clang; Kaline looked over, but didn't even break the sit I'd put him in. The guy kept apologizing and I kept telling him thanks for providing a nice little training opportunity for the puppy.

He was also pretty good in California Pizza Kitchen. He took a few minutes to settle, but after that it was all good. I got to do some fun SD education with our server because she was very curious about service dogs in general. And we got to watch the end of the Tigers game, in which they beat the Yankees again!

Juno is doing a great job tiring Kaline out between walks, because she has discovered that he is an excellent wrestling partner. The dogs were driving my parents crazy on Monday night, so I took them downstairs which is their signal to start wrestling. We stayed down there a good 20 minutes—they will go until you tell them to stop—then came upstairs and had peace until bedtime.

Yay wrestling.

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