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03 October 2012

Slow week

Freddie and Anne are on the East Coast this week, so there's no training in the park and no Saturday class. So it's going to be kind of a slow week around here.

Today was supposedly the last day of the heat wave. While I certainly don't like being out in the heat, and I stress about getting the dogs out early enough, I really like how much it tires everyone out. Yesterday, after the dogs had their afternoon nap, I had this thought that I'd take them on a walk. I took them across the street. They came back in and both collapsed on the floor for another nap. That's how nasty hot it has been here.

We had two pack walks this morning; then the three of us came home, guzzled water, and crashed out for two-plus hours. I love it when we all want to nap at the same time!

Dad's two painter friends came over in the afternoon to check out the house for an estimate on what it'd cost to do all the painting Mom would like. Kaline was super silly and charmed both of them. It was pretty adorable.

Maura, Kaline's breeder, just welcomed her new litter, all reds! Like Kaline's litter, it's five boys and two girls, and they're all doing very well!
Teddy, who hung out with us on Saturday.
Sleepy Junebug.
Kaline on his couch ... You can really see where he had the cluster of itchy bumps on his leg. Might have the vet recheck that, just to be safe. No longer itchy or swollen, just ugly looking.

They had their heads almost touching and it was super cute ... Of course the minute the camera came out, Kaline moved.
Kaline enjoys a frozen carrot. Om nom nom.

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