The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

27 March 2013

Another successful IKEA outing with Chief!

Monday night, for Sonja's birthday, we took the boys to IKEA for some fun training. The boys were so lovely and we had a wonderful time.

Kaline got to practice “under” quite a bit, since there were various convenient objects all around.
Kaline does under
Chief does under
Both boys also got to practice picking up a credit card, which they did well. Kaline was a little overenthusiastic, but I'm not terribly worried about it. Enthusiasm is good! He was crazy when I asked him to pick up his leash. Before he would hand it to me, he had to “kill” it, very very dead.

We also worked on various distractions, as we like to do, with toys and stuffies and even an umbrella! A nice man took a video of Sonja trying to distract the pups with the umbrella.
Leaving the big carrots alone ...

At the end we had dinner in the wee food court and the dogs settled nicely under the table. Kaline was so zonked (he'd done four walks in the morning in addition to working at IKEA) that he didn't even notice when I got up to get a refill on our pops. This is the dog who normally cannot stand to let me go to the bathroom alone. And heaven forbid I go upstairs without him. The fastest way to wake him from a nap on the couch is to go up one flight of stairs.
Sleepy boys.

And on the way out, Kaline blocked nicely, even when I asked Sonja to gently nudge him in the butt. What a good boy.

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  1. Ikea looks like such a fun place to dog train in! I'm sure they probably don't think of that.

    I can't get over how big Kaline is!