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26 April 2012

Milestone for Juno ... and more puppy pictures

Today at drop-off training, Juno scored another great milestone in her vision recovery. Freddie, the trainer I work with, had told me she was bringing a jump to practice with, and I was both nervous and excited. It's clear Juno has a lot of vision back, but I wasn't sure if she quite had enough to do a jump.

We started her out low, and I was super worried when she knocked the bar off at ten inches. But it turned out Juno just didn't quite get it that I wanted her to jump, rather than walk, over the bar. Once she got that, it was amazing! It was like she never had any issues with her vision at all!

I was crazy happy when Juno jumped 14 inches. We stopped there for a while (there were other dogs to work on the jump with). Then I decided to up the ante. Sixteen inches, then eighteen. Then twenty. No problem. My pup still has her mad hops. Then we did twenty-two. When she did twenty-four, I decided I needed a video, no matter how crappily it came out.

And then, just for shits and giggles, we did twenty-six inches. Juno is almost 26 inches at the shoulder, and she cleared the jump twice with no problems.

I am so proud of my girl, and so happy that her vision is back! I just have no words for how great it is to see Juno so happy and peppy and ready for anything again.

And now, here are a few more puppy pictures (3 days old). They just had their tails and dewclaws done.

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