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30 April 2012

Sacramento weekend

This past weekend Juno came with me and my boyfriend to visit his grandparents in Sacramento. They're big baseball fans (as are we) so we also got to take in a Rivercats game at Raley Field on Saturday. On Sunday, we did a lovely walk down to the American River (I think; it might have been the Sacramento) and then went to Old Sacramento to see the train museum.

The grandparents were so excited to meet Juno, because until recently we didn't think she'd be able to come along. This was probably the biggest outing she's done since going back to work, and she was just awesome. Danny and I were both really proud of her.

Juno waiting with us for a table at Dad's Kitchen.
I've recently been having more problems with my back and knees from fibromyalgia (normally, the Roaming Gnome of Pain targets my hands and other parts of my upper body). So Juno has been having to pull forward more (for momentum, not guiding), and I realized that the handle on her vest was not high enough to use comfortably for more than about 3 minutes at a time.

Before our trip, I ordered a new, nine-inch non-rigid handle from the same company that made her vest, Petjoy. Learning to pull in the first place was hard for Juno, because I'd spent so much time teaching her never to go ahead of me; learning to pull even further forward has been a bit of a challenge too.

But at the game especially, Juno did amazingly with her new handle. She pulled beautifully up the hill to the ballpark, even when she didn't have Danny in front of her to follow (sometimes, a sidewalk works just as well). Then inside, with the big crowds, she was awesome as well! We started off with her following Danny, and then later she did some pulling with only my voice commands to guide her (forward, right, left, easy, let's go, stop). It was absolutely fantastic, so much more comfortable for both of us. Plus my Big Black Dog parts crowds so nicely.

Juno at our seats in Raley Field.
Except for snarfing up a couple peanut shells, Juno was great during the game. I do not comprehend her fondness for peanut shells. I can take her to a fast food place, have her “hide” under the table, tell her “leave it,” and she'll never touch the fries down there. Peanut shells though, she just has to have a couple. My pup has some bizarre tastes.

Me and Juno with an awesome train!
Juno was also lovely at the train museum, although her pulling wasn't as good. We were only practicing there—I didn't need the momentum, but usually it's better to practice that stuff and get good when you don't really need it. Then when you do, it's solid. We got to go on a couple old trains, one of which rocked back and forth like it was actually traveling. Lots of narrow corridors to deal with, and steep steps to negotiate. After the museum we did an actual train ride along the river; Juno conked out under the seat, cause it was pretty hot.
Juno under the seat for the train ride, before she fell asleep.

Old Sacramento was very fun. We got to go in candy stores, an ice cream store, a place with mini-donuts, etc. Juno got a bit distracted, finally, cause her new friends (Granma and Grampa) were there and she'd been good for so long. (Granma and Grampa spoiled her rotten when she was off-duty at their house!)

But in general, it was a really fun, really awesome trip for both of us! I'm really proud of how quickly Juno's gotten back in the swing of things.

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