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24 April 2012

The puppies are here!

I have been waiting to start this blog until my puppy existed. Well, now he does!

Yesterday, Dolce gave birth to seven beautiful puppies: three black dogs, two red dogs, one black bitch and one red bitch. The girls were last, keeping everyone in suspense. The first black boy, on the other hand, was born in the daffodils as Dolce got out of the van coming back from the vet. 

I'm hoping for a black boy, so the fact that there are three makes me pretty wild with glee. And the fact that there are five boys total is even better. My whole family are hoping I get matched with a black boy (the breeder will choose my puppy); my boyfriend is hoping for a red. Either way, I know Maura will pick the one with the best chance of succeeding Juno as my service dog!

I have the urge to go on a puppy shopping spree, either at my favorite local independent or online. I will, of course, end up buying things in both places. It feels like I've been waiting forever for this little boy to exist, and I feel so great now that he does!

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