The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

23 May 2012

More stuff for the dogs!

Well, I finally ordered Kaline's in-training vest. He won't start wearing it in public for a while, but I want to be sure that 1) I have enough time to get all the patches sewn on before he needs it and 2) I have it when he gets here so I can take unspeakably adorable photos of him basically swimming in it.

This will end up being his backup vest—generally, I prefer the Petjoy Harness Vest (sometimes with saddlebags!) because it has the handle if I need it. And it looks more Serious And Professional. Obviously Kaline's not going to be doing any pulling for a very long time, so I'd rather he start off with this real light, basic vest. Why can't he use Juno's backup light vest? Cause I was an idiot when I purchased it and had “JUNO” embroidered upon it. Thus leading to all sorts of people going, “Look, a dog! Hey, Juno!”

I'm also in the process of ordering a kind of pop-up exercise pen, which I plan to use for both Kaline and Juno long-term at obedience trials. In the short term, I'm going to use it so Kaline can come out to training in the park without me worrying over him eating something/catching some sort of disease. Originally I was getting your basic six-sided pen, but then Lynn, the wonderful proprietor of Pet Place downtown, alerted me to a larger, taller pen which also has a top and bottom.

This baby.

If it isn't a ton more expensive than the other option, we're going with it. It looks awesome!

Juno also just got gifted a doggie puzzle. We put her dinner in it and it was pretty hilarious. She caught on fast. Definitely gonna use that for Kaline as well, provided he's as interested in his dinner as Juno is.

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