The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

21 May 2012

Puppies are four weeks old!

Today the pups turned four weeks old, and it was “moving day.” Maura moved them into the main room, where they'll get to be around more of the bustle of the household. They'll also start meeting more people, including children, and they'll get handled by these people.

The pups in their crate, moving to their new spot in the main room. Look at those squooshy little faces!

This is incredibly important for all puppies, but especially for my little guy in his development as a service dog. Service dogs can't be scared of certain kinds of people—they've got to be relaxed around people of different sexes, sizes, shapes, colors, and ages. Juno gets randomly touched all the time by different people, despite all her patches. I tell people not to touch her, and try to block them if possible, but she's got to be relaxed with it happening if it does happen. A service dog has to be able to ignore the idiots and keep focusing on his or her job.

So the more things puppies are exposed to, and become accustomed to, at a young age, the better! Damn, I wish I lived near Maura so I could go visit.

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