The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

28 May 2012

The puppies are five weeks old!

I can't believe they're five weeks old already. They look like dogs, it's just crazy. Super squooshable dogs, true. I can't wait to start seeing some stacked photos and maybe getting more of a sense of the puppies as individuals. Right now, it's pretty hard to recognize anyone but the black boy with the white collar, the enormous red boy, and the teeny red girl.

One of the black boys—who knows, this could be the future Kaline!
It's getting so close and real. I just picked up a huge popup crate from a friend the other day; next weekend we're planning to take a bunch of stuff out of my room and put it in storage, so I have more puppy space. Just emailed my clients to tell them I'm taking two weeks off when he arrives ... Wow.

More cuteness. I just wish the video was longer—of course! Future Dobie parents who live close by are going to get to start visiting the babies. More than ever, I wish I could teleport!

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