The adventures of SD Juno and SDIT Kaline (and their human, Colt).

23 September 2012

In which no one gets bathed ...

Yeah, who saw that one coming? Everyone? Good. Happy five-month birthday to Kaline.

Nobody got a bath today (nobody who is also a dog), but both kids got to go on solo working outings, so that was good. And they both did very well. Dad took Juno on a long walk by herself this morning, so I could take Kaline with me to meet Mom at the Farmer's Market. We practiced on-leash recalls down the back street behind our house, and leave it whenever the opportunity arose. He walked so nicely right next to me. Unsurprisingly, he works far better on his own, when we can both focus on each other 100%.

Kaline did awesome at the market. People were actually commenting on his attention. Better enjoy it while I can, cause his brain might fall out when he hits seven months and his "Doberteens"! He hardly did any inappropriate sniffing, and did nice blocking when I positioned him. Oh yeah, and he was really on with the handicap buttons today! He was hitting them very squarely most of the time, and sometimes doing it even without me asking! Of course, I want him to wait for the cue, so we worked on doing calm sits before hitting the button, but still, it was cute. He'd lock in on the button from like 15 feet away and once he was in range, he'd leap at it to push it.

We did a lot of work in the market, going back to the car periodically to put more stuff in it so we didn't have to carry it around (we being my mom, haha). There were a couple pet dogs in the market, which annoyed me—I think all dogs should be allowed, but they have two big No Pets signs, one at either end, and I feel like they should either enforce it, or take down the signs. Inconsistency sucks.

Kaline also got to do the bagel store, where he was pretty awesome. They have pumpkin bagels now! I love October and November: baseball playoffs; Hallowe'en, the best holiday in the universe; and pumpkin everything. Also, if you're in a place with seasons (read: Michigan), incredibly beautiful fall leaves. Mmmm.

We came home to drop off our goodies and to pick up Junebug; then we headed to Borrone's. The place was hopping, as usual, and the only table we could find was in the sun. The dogs were fine—they got to lie in the table's considerable shadow—but we humans were frying. Still, a yummy breakfast.

We were next to a gorgeous 18-month-old Vizsla named Rusty at first, only 45 pounds which is small for a male. I thought he was a baby puppy like Kaline when we first saw him. I can't get enough of that rich orange-gold color. Later, two women (mother and daughter, we found out) arrived with a big young black-and-rust male Doberman! Both Kaline and I were staring at him, haha. He was still basically all legs, obviously very cuddly. Apparently he lives with a five-year-old brother-and-sister pair and a nine-month-old red male. Lots of land! If we had four Dobermans in this house no one would be able to move.
Cuddling at Borrone's.

After breakfast (or more properly, lunch) we ran into some of my old buddies from Kepler's, which is reopening on Tuesday! Everyone was in the half-finished store, working on stuff. We got to see Maggie, Mike, Nancy, Katie, Marilyn, Pam, the whole gang. Everyone was delighted to see the dogs, and they both basked in the attention. Maggie and Kaline were just all over each other, it was adorable. I told her she could do anything she wanted with him, basically, so she was playing with his feet, picking him up, all kinds of stuff. Kaline took it all calmly and happily, great practice for one day when he's working and some little kid comes up and touches his paw or tail or something.
Maggie and Kaline.

Finally we came home and everyone took a nap. Except maybe for Kaline, crazy puppy. Then for the late afternoon/early evening, he was in his crate and Juno came out with me and Mom. We went first to our local Ritz Camera store, which is closing and thus having big discounts on most stuff. And thus, amateur camera enthusiasts that we are, Mom and I got the Canon Rebel I've been coveting. I can't wait to try it out (it's charging now). We went to Walgreens, where Juno got to press the buttons and do various kinds of pulling and bracing. (By the end of our many-stop outing, I was getting numb and tingly from the knees down, ugh.) We went to Nordstrom's and Draeger's, then came home and collapsed.

Well, I did—Juno and Kaline had a big wrestling session downstairs. Yay. Unfortunately it seems not to have tired him out, as he's been a pill since then. Juno is wiped out.

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