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07 September 2012

Why I haven't been writing

We've had kind of a rough couple of days. Also, there was the Democratic National Convention, which I was obsessed with and seemed to give me an extra spoon every night cause it was so exciting.

But yeah, Kaline got stung by a yellow jacket, I ended up with a massive fibro flareup partially due to the temporary dogs who live in an area with hills on steroids, and now I'm having flareup plus migraine symptoms. Thank goodness I found my prescription migraine pills a while ago and knew exactly where they were.
Perks of the temporary dogs: We saw three deer (one a fawn!) on our walk today!

The area is also really gorgeous. My entire body, though, hates the hills. At least they make my eyes happy.

Also, Juno is having issues with her mouth. We've been at the vet a bunch (I feel like we live there sometimes—all either of the dogs has to do is whine at a weird time and we head to the vet). She is clearly uncomfortable about something in there, making weird motions with her jaw like a human might if they had popcorn stuck in their teeth. We can't see anything though, and her breath is enough to knock you out. Juno gets her teeth brushed every night, but it definitely seems to be time for a special cleaning. She's scheduled to go in on Monday, and for now she is on painkillers and antibiotics in case of infection. She's eating fine and mostly acting okay, but sometimes she just lies on the couch and makes pathetic sounds. Which could be related to Kaline existing, but I'm not sure.

The sting was no biggie; Kaline's only physical reaction was a slight swelling on his left ear right where he got stung. Little ice and some Benadryl fixed that right up.

The flareup yesterday was so bad we didn't even go to training. My whole left hand and arm were basically out of commission. It's a bit better today but having the Labs with the hills is not the best medicine ever.

Better news: A dark horse candidate is now tops in the running for My New Car. Mom ripped a page out of one of her magazines doing comparisons on small SUVs, basically the car I want. And there it was, the Prius V, which I didn't even know existed. Same price as the CRV, almost as much cargo space, TWICE THE MPG!!!!, and oodles more features. Methinks we have a winner. It would have to be freaking awful to drive (we definitely need to do a test drive) for me to go back to one of the others.

And we're going to see the Tour of Gymnastics Champions in San Jose tomorrow. That should be awesome.

Evening cuddles.

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